Does the honeymoon phase of relationships not last long enough for you?

With me all relationships tend to start out perfect, once we get past
that "I dont know where I stand" phase, then we get to the best part,
where we are hanging out all the time, humping like bunnies, talking to
each other on the phone when not in person etc etc..... then what
usually what happens is she starts getting back to her old routine and
it feels like she is trying to squeeze me into her old life without
breaking anything.
Then one of 3 things usually happen.
A. I say something about it and get labeled needy or clingy.(even though I am not the one who changed)
B. I say nothing hoping its just temporary and break up when it does not change back.


RIAA and MPAA Report Notorious Piracy Sites to U.S. Government

The RIAA and MPAA have submitted their lists of most "notorious" pirate sites to the U.S. Government. The groups target torrent sites including The Pirate Bay and KickassTorrents, as well as various linking and streaming portals. Uncooperative domain registrars and other third-party service providers are called out as well.
Responding to a request from the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR), the RIAA and MPAA have sent in their annual list of rogue websites.
TorrentFreak obtained a copy of the submissions in which the entertainment industry groups target a wide variety of websites they say are promoting the illegal distribution of music, movies and TV-shows.
The lists include torrent sites, linking sites, cyberlockers and unauthorized streaming services, which are primarily hosted outside the United States. According to the industry groups these sites are costing U.S. companies millions of dollars in revenue.
The MPAA points out that many sites directly compete with legal services and are “stealing” revenue from the people who created the content.


Nightclub allegedly denied entry to overweight and dark-skinned women

That sista got in!
A nightclub in the West End of London is at the centre of a social media storm over allegations that women were refused entry because they were considered too dark-skinned or overweight.
The club, DSTRKT, which has hosted celebrities such as Rihanna, Drake, and Jay Z, became the target of protests after an incident on Saturday night when a woman claimed on social media that her two friends had been turned away because they were black and staff had decided they were not attractive enough. I just finished reading the buzzfeed pseudo psa puff piece, and the saddest thing about this circus sideshow is the leap to calling it racism,  but it's not "racism" which is defined when one race of people think of their race as superior to all others. Sources say close to have of the women in there that not were not white and a good number of them where black. A racist club would bar blacks period. this is about something worse than racism, it's about capitalism. 


Fear The walking Dead ep 5, "CoBolt" Fans upset over tortore and military portrayal (I guess people don't like realism)

Throughout Twitter, fan podcasts and Facebook, there seems to be much hate toward a few things that went down last night.

I feel this show has more realistic characters than the main show(no deadlocked ninja ex lawyers or hillbilly redneck commandos or pizza drivers who can make head shots from 100 yards). With this show every person, even the ones I don't like remind me of people I actually know.


Fear the walking dead season 1 episode 4 opinion.

Well, this is frustrating. Just as Fear the Walking Dead was picking up momentum, seemingly ready

The episode opens with Lou Reed's 'Perfect Day' drips with irony over a montage of the cast, but it soon becomes apparent that the show has instigated a fucking time-jump.

It's been nine or so days since the army showed up at the end of the previous episode, and everyone is now living securely in a gated community, with the army having cleared the area in a six-mile radius of the town and restored order.


Fear the walking Dead Episode 3 Review.

On “The Dog,” tonight’s third episode of “Fear the Walking Dead,” society is caving in pretty quickly. The authorities have already gotten hip to the fact that you have to shoot the infected, and get rid of anybody who’s been in contact with them. Quarantines have been set up, curfews have been instituted. Order is not being maintained, however.
The Clarks are holed up at home, trying to take their minds off things by playing Monopoly (and getting high on Oxy), while the Manawas and Salazars are still thinking they can ride out the riots in Daniel’s barber shop. That plan doesn’t last long. Vandals break in next door, and torch the place. The street is getting only more chaotic. They can’t stay there.


Fear the walking Dead Episode 2 Review.

The zombie outbreak is hitting its stride as we make our way into the second episode of Fear the Walking Dead.
Our dysfunctional Los Angeles family is hurrying to get out of town—to “the desert” where they will, presumably, be safer than in a crowded metropolis. The desert, in any case, would provide a strikingly different aesthetic than the deep, green woods of Georgia and a whole new set of problems. Whereas the muggy south is prone to rot and decay, perhaps desert zombies are better preserved in less humid environs.  The truth of the matter is, Fear the Walking Dead will need to distinguish itself aesthetically as much, if not more, than it does through a new cast. The landscape of The Walking Dead has become monotonous and too familiar. LA on the other hand offers a stark difference.


Fear The Walking Dead Episode 1 Review

A spinoff of cable TV's highest-rated show comes with both its pros and cons. The Walking Dead has
developed one of the most loyal fan bases any drama could ask for so an off-shot series would, surely, be appreciated. But then, after emotionally-investing into the characters and plotlines over five seasons, the question arises as to whether or not viewers really want a fresh group with a whole new set of rules to get to grips with. I love this idea.
This is the huge risk faced by zombie apocalypse prequel Fear The Walking Dead. The season one premiere episode certainly showed bundles of promise but it was also hard not to miss seeing Rick Grimes' tense stare or his sidekick Michonne ready to strike dead a walker with her katana. The differences between the two shows are clear from the start – whereas TWD enjoys a blend of blood and gore with character development, FTWD slows down the pace with incredible focus on the ins and outs of a disconnected Los Angeles family.
It is a relatable family unit at that with moody teenagers and divorced parents providing the centrepiece of the series.


Leaked data shows most women on Ashley Madison were fake

It's no secret that Ashley Madison has fake female profiles to engage users -- heck, it's even noted in ToS that the website "is geared to provide you with amusement and entertainment." When its user data was leaked to the public, though, people got a chance to see just how many women there are on the website exactly, and how many of them are definitely fake. Gizmodo editor-in-chief Annalee Newitz took a closer look at the data dump in an effort to determine the site's female population and found that barely any of the 5.5 million profiles marked as "female" actually used the website.


Ashley Madison 'cheater' files Leaked

A hacker group made good on its pledge to release user data stolen from the affair website Ashley Madison, creating a potential privacy and security debacle for millions.
Security experts said Wednesday the files on some 32 million members of the website appeared to be genuine.
Ashley Madison parent company Avid Life Media called the leak "an act of criminality" and urged anyone with information about the hackers to step forward to help law enforcement.
The data dump was first reported Tuesday by Wired magazine, which said the post on the "dark web" included millions of payment transactions, email addresses and phone numbers of people who were registered on the infidelity site.
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