My thoughts on a woman needing space.

Every Man's heard this comes from the lips of a woman especially men who have a strong ability to love. It causes pain and it causes hurt and there's little that can be said that will make it better. Part of the reason for this is when a woman tells you she needs space but she saying is she needs space away from you. That's hard to hear from someone you care about especially if you have had too much space before even meeting her. It also begs the question what is she doing inside Space away from you often is something you would want to see. Sometimes I think it would be better to not know what love is. To never experience it. That way during those times you would never know what you were missing.


Man unable to pay bond beaten to death in Texas jail within 48 hours of arriving

Patrick Joseph Brown, 46, was accused of stealing a guitar and had his bail set at $3,000 for misdemeanor theft charges, despite having no prior violent record.  When Brown couldn’t pay up, he was thrown behind bars and left with two other inmates in a cell.  Within several hours of being there, they allegedly beat him unconscious and he later died at the hospital.

Texas Prison System Unveils New Censorship Policy

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice is getting in the digital censorship game with a new policy that would punish an offender for having a social media presence, even when someone on the outside is posting updates on their behalf.

As reported by Fusion, Texas' new offender manual [.pdf] creates a prohibition on inmates "maintaining active social media accounts for the purposes of soliciting, updating, or engaging others, through a third party or otherwise." The rule flies in the face of free expression by penalizing offenders not only for their own use of social media, but also when their friends and family on the outside maintain their social media accounts to draw attention to prisoner issues.


Texas school police officer caught on video body-slamming 12 year old girl

Texas officials said a school police officer has been put on administrative leave after cellphone video surfaced on social media seemingly showing him body-slamming a sixth-grade girl to the ground.
The San Antonio Independent School District said it is investigating an incident that occurred March 29 at Rhodes Middle School in which the police officer, identified by the district as Joshua Kehm, Video plainly shows the officer using excessive force on 12-year-old student Janissa Valdez before he threw her down. 

Donald Trump Needs Empathy Training

Research suggests that bullies are deficient or completely lacking in the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing. Clearly, Donald Trump has his pulse on the thoughts and feelings of the top 20%, closet racists, and isolationists, but I cant say I'm shocked by his inability or unwillingness to be empathetic to large segments of our population who did not catch the breaks he did in life.
While it's true that people don't come out of the womb able to understand the world from someone else's point of view.


Bully Texas cop caught on video pepper-spraying a handcuffed man in the back of a police van

The police watchdog group, Peaceful Streets Project, has released a disturbing video showing an Austin, Texas police officer pepper-spraying a handcuffed man.
Early on in the video you can hear an officer tell individuals filming the incident “get out of the way” and the woman holding one camera saying “but we’re not in the way” as she stands back behind officers on horseback and large trash dumpsters. The incident occurred during the 10-day long technology, music and film conference SXSW. The Peaceful Streets Project stepped up their efforts to film interactions with the police when the founder of the activist group noticed a lot of pepper spraying on behalf of the law enforcement.


Does the honeymoon phase of relationships not last long enough for you?

With me all relationships tend to start out perfect, once we get past
that "I dont know where I stand" phase, then we get to the best part,
where we are hanging out all the time, humping like bunnies, talking to
each other on the phone when not in person etc etc..... then what
usually what happens is she starts getting back to her old routine and
it feels like she is trying to squeeze me into her old life without
breaking anything.
Then one of 3 things usually happen.
A. I say something about it and get labeled needy or clingy.(even though I am not the one who changed)
B. I say nothing hoping its just temporary and break up when it does not change back.


RIAA and MPAA Report Notorious Piracy Sites to U.S. Government

The RIAA and MPAA have submitted their lists of most "notorious" pirate sites to the U.S. Government. The groups target torrent sites including The Pirate Bay and KickassTorrents, as well as various linking and streaming portals. Uncooperative domain registrars and other third-party service providers are called out as well.
Responding to a request from the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR), the RIAA and MPAA have sent in their annual list of rogue websites.
TorrentFreak obtained a copy of the submissions in which the entertainment industry groups target a wide variety of websites they say are promoting the illegal distribution of music, movies and TV-shows.
The lists include torrent sites, linking sites, cyberlockers and unauthorized streaming services, which are primarily hosted outside the United States. According to the industry groups these sites are costing U.S. companies millions of dollars in revenue.
The MPAA points out that many sites directly compete with legal services and are “stealing” revenue from the people who created the content.


Nightclub allegedly denied entry to overweight and dark-skinned women

That sista got in!
A nightclub in the West End of London is at the centre of a social media storm over allegations that women were refused entry because they were considered too dark-skinned or overweight.
The club, DSTRKT, which has hosted celebrities such as Rihanna, Drake, and Jay Z, became the target of protests after an incident on Saturday night when a woman claimed on social media that her two friends had been turned away because they were black and staff had decided they were not attractive enough. I just finished reading the buzzfeed pseudo psa puff piece, and the saddest thing about this circus sideshow is the leap to calling it racism,  but it's not "racism" which is defined when one race of people think of their race as superior to all others. Sources say close to have of the women in there that not were not white and a good number of them where black. A racist club would bar blacks period. this is about something worse than racism, it's about capitalism. 


Fear The walking Dead ep 5, "CoBolt" Fans upset over tortore and military portrayal (I guess people don't like realism)

Throughout Twitter, fan podcasts and Facebook, there seems to be much hate toward a few things that went down last night.

I feel this show has more realistic characters than the main show(no deadlocked ninja ex lawyers or hillbilly redneck commandos or pizza drivers who can make head shots from 100 yards). With this show every person, even the ones I don't like remind me of people I actually know.
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